Thursday, October 26, 2006

Please kids, don't try this at home

Well, "The Experiment" was a resounding success. For those of you who don't read Nettie's blog (I think there might be 1 of you, maybe), The Experiment was an ettempt to summon an internet deity. It all began like this...

*Cue harp music and cheesy flashback effect*

Last weekend I started this blog. I assume that you know that because I haven't made enough impact on the universe yet to have casual readers. My very first post included a reference to a guy which I met at a corporate breakfast. I won't mention his name as he's probably out feeding the masses somewhere and I don't want to disturb him.

Within 3 hours of my post, said person had left a comment on my blog. The blog had been up for just three hours. RG, as I will now refer to him, had no prior knowlege that I was putting a blog up last Saturday and still, he somehow managed to find out about it in three hours.

Well, I was shocked and a little wierded out. Here was an entity who clearly existed on a plane above our own. So Nettie and I conducted "The Experiment". In short, my sister, who has never met or come into contact with RG, conducted an internet seance (is that spelt correctly). She mentioned RGs name on her blog in an attempt to get Him to visit.

It took a little longer this time but success stands. We have successfully summoned RG. Now I must take this opportunity to ask that no-one else perform this experiment. The reason is that we need RG to be out there conducting miracles and not answering petty summons. But now you know:

If thy need be great
And thy intentions pure,
Speak His name thrice,
And he shall appear.

But seriously, Richard left a comment explaining that he had uncovered the blog entry using nothing more sinister than technorati (how sinister that is I leave to your own discretion). He had conducted a "Vanity Search" and struck gold.

I think that there is definitely a case here for people to wonder if, at some stage in the future, blogging and other online activities and services might need to be covered in primary school (or even earlier) to prepare young people for the digitized world around them. I will leave this topic for another post.


ScarletManuka said...

Wow, I'm not longer your sister-in-law but just your sister.
I feel honoured.

Wolfbyte said...

Well I don't feel the distinction do you?

Besides, I started calling your dad just "Dad". He seems to like it.

It does mean no more naughty business between us though :(

ScarletManuka said...

Well we've always looked like we're brother and sister so I guess this is just a natural progression...

And you have Jenny for your naughty stuff now so I can live with that ;-)