Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I got the dog owner blues

Man did I ever not want to get a dog. When first the dog was on the horizon here was my thought process:

Dogs are smelly, messy, needy, loud, obnoxious, and expensive pets which have all of the drawbacks of hermit crabs but are not as attractive.

Now, I love my dog (don't tell anyone I said that). And I find it wierd when I come home and she isn't here. But dammit if she wakes up the kids one more time by barking at the darkness I'm gonna have to do something the RSPCA wouldn't approve of.

That is the end of my story.


ScarletManuka said...

Oi, be nice to Malta. She's got my protection buddy and you don't want to mess with a Nettie :-P

Wolfbyte said...

If she were mute her life would likely not be in danger. Life is about choice and consequences. She has to walk her own path and I need to walk mine.

BrianMadsen said...

Hi Mike,

I got one dog as well, but up until 3 months ago i had two..unfortunately the older one had three strokes in the course of two days and we had to have her put down..

the vet came to our house and did it there and then we decided to get her cremated and put into an urn which we keep here.

all in all, dogs are great and i don't think i'd go without one...

Wolfbyte said...

Sorry to hear about you dog Brian. We lost a cat a few months back to cancer. It is never a pleasant experience.

I was brought up around cats so I guess I never really understood the dog thing. I'm too independant to enjoy the companionship that a dog provides.

I do love my dog when no-one is watching though.