Saturday, March 31, 2007

Escape Attempt III - The Final Attempt

Well it seems that the irascible mastermind of the previous two escape attempts [ (1) (2) ] has finally seen enough to give it a go on his own. On Tuesday Caleb did a runner. At Chiara's school no less.

Let us just say that everyone survived and leave it at that. I think that he's going through "The Terribles Twos". He seems to have developed this crazy level of defiance such that anything he is told to do is immediately wrong. Most kids seem to do this at some stage.

It is extremely difficult not to anthropomorphize the child with some kind of devilish nature when this happens. He is supposedly an innocent little child I can't help but see him as something more like a criminal mastermind. At least I always liked the bad guys in films.

He's just lucky he is cute.

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ScarletManuka said...

Barbie told me about this! I laughed when she told me but I can understand how much of a panic she would have been in at the time.

I can say that he'll eventually grow out of it and it might get better but Will is showing all the signs of being an even bigger git. So all I really can say is 'My condolences'.

Oh, and I have a supply of holy water and crosses if you'd like to borrow them :)