Friday, December 15, 2006

Huzzah for Me

So I got my university results. Two credits means a graduation ceremony in Febuary next year. Ten years, one marriage, three kids, four cars, five jobs and a brain-fuse or two later and I finally made it. And I made it just in time for my ten year high-school reunion tomorrow.

On another note, your favorite internet deity (and mine), Richard Giles is up to something. It is a... well I have no idea what it is but he is trying to generate some buzz. The theory from my perspective is that I mention Scouta here on my blog, and anyone who reads it mentions Scouta on their blog and anyone who reads their blog... well you get the idea.

We want technorati humming the word Scouta in the wind. We want google to feature the Scouta colors for just one day. We want Microsoft execs sitting in boardrooms huddled in fear. Well probably not. But it's fun to dream right.

And also, sign up if you are interested. I did. I am intrigued, as I am sure is at least partly the intent of the conspirators. There is a wonderful feel of suspense about the whole thing which keeps me reading the blog waiting for some morsel of information.

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ScarletManuka said...

Congratualtions babe on finishing uni! Now you can ask for a pay rise at work since you're qualified!