Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dude, where's my life?

Well I just submitted my last university assignment ever (I hope). I have to tell you that it feels good. All I really need now is some beer.

Unfortunately the craziness isn't yet over. I've got about 20 hours of work to do (outside of normal work hours) between now and Tuesday lunch time. We all know what that means... Working Weekends time.

And that won't even finish me off. Oh no. Because after that I have exams Thursday AND Friday. And then I have another project to present the following Monday which will take at least 25 hours to cobble together.

We all know what that means... Working Weekends Time.

How did this happen? I used to work weekends because I was studying during the week. I guess in many respects that argument still stands. Nevertheless, I feel a bit mental at the moment.

You may have noticed the length of time between my last post and this one. Or even between the previous one and the one before. Well, these crazy goings-on have been on the table for a little while. You kind of end up waiting for the moment when you can rest but it never comes.

Like right now, I feel that I should go to bed and sleep. But by the same token, I know how much I have to do tomorrow and there is some small (but annoyingly loud) part of me which keeps suggesting that the more I get done now, the less I'll have to do tomorrow, and the later I can sleep in.

But then, it isn't just tomorrow. It's the next 10 days.

O so soon is the christmas break. Nettie, I say this for you. "I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS". A glorious 10 days off.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but right now I am so run down that I wouldn't enjoy a chocolate eating contest (even though I've been on a diet for a week).

How did I get on such a glum note? It's just the space I'm in right now. I can't wait for beer and sleep. And spending time with my family and friends.

Ah well, even without caffeine I am far too wired to sleep yet. I might read some X-men comics or something. Warlock and Cypher are about to die and that will be sad. I'll be back soon, and I promise to be happier.


ScarletManuka said...

Don't worry love, once Uni is over for good you'll start to have a normal life again.

And yay for Christmas!
Although I must say that I am highly envious of people who get the week between Christmas and New Year off...
*glares accusingly*

Wolfbyte said...

Yeah, well people need money I guess. Curse them all.