Sunday, May 06, 2007

Boris 'ghost of the plains' my cat

I don't know what it is about cats and the internet. They just do crazy things. I hate reading the antics of other people's cats because it's never as funny to me as it is to the author.

For this reason I usually try to avoid the crazy antics of my own cat Boris. But this one I could not resist. It seems that Boris has been hunting. Let me give you some back story on Boris before we get to the punchline here.

Boris is a blackish tabby which showed up on our doorstep one day hungry. He was loud obnoxious, sharp, full of parasites, and just generally pathetic annoying and guaranteed to cost me a lot of money in the long run. Cut a long story short, my wife decided to save him.

Since we fed him that first time he has never left us alone. He has cost us a phenomenal amount of money and is now so big and fat that he can't sit on my lap. He is so big that he makes a grunting noise when he jumps off of our couch and has to stop for a nap if he intends to cross a room.

So when I say he's been hunting, it should come as a shock. Let me tell you I was shocked. He bought me the biggest damned mouse I had ever seen the other day. TRAP INCLUDED!

That's right. My tubby tabby has been on the prowl and he's managed to bring me a pre-caught mouse! I would have a picture but it is just too gruesome.

On a side note, my kids were babysat by Grandma and Poppy the other day and they were little angels. I only bring this up because I only ever blog about them when they are naughty. They are not always naughty, they just aren't as interesting when they are good. I think there is something in that for all of us. Don't you?

On a side note to my side note (same track different train remember), I have recovered quite well from my horrifying car accident on Monday. The car is all better. I'm all better. The cat is getting out at night. It's all good.


Nettie said...

I've actually just come from your house and as I was leaving, Boris was snuggled up in the double stroller looking cute for once. I whipped out my camera but before I had even opened the case he'd spied me, jumped down and started circling my legs. Tricksie hobbitses!
I know he did it deliberately.

And I know your kids can be well behaved and adorable at times - unfortunately they just don't seem to do it when I'm around. I know Barb whinges that I whinge about the kids at times but really, can she blame me? I've been out twice this weekend to the shops with Barb and the brood (once down in Rockingham and the second time just today at FJ's) and both times Caleb has been a right little git, screaming and grunting and throwing generic temper tantrums.
I know he was tired both times but still, it does make me wonder at times if my decision to try and have kids is a sane one.

But then as I'm leaving he'll blow me a kiss and say 'Bye Annie!' and somehow that makes up for the rest of it.

Just don't tell Barb I said that!

Wolfbyte said...

Yeah. They can drive you right to the brink and then say they love you and it makes it all better.